Mayfly Marketing started its journey as a small business. We therefore understand the struggles and difficulties business owners face. Mayfly Marketing wants to assist business owners to transform their ideas into probable business opportunities. We are different than your conventional marketing agency and strive to fully understand your business and your customer needs, before providing you with a proposal

Creative Designs

Our graphics designers are equipped to create a unique look and feel for your brand. When creating an identity, it is critical to use signature designs and elements compared to the rest of your industry. We aim to assist with vectors, animations or other forms of creative elements.

Web Development

Combining our creative resources, we aim to build responsive websites that portrays your brand in the most professional way possible.

Google Analytics

Having the ability to analyse data from your website gives you the edge of understanding your users experience. We are certified in google analytics.

Campaign Management

Running marketing campaigns can be a daunting task if not well planned and organised. Let us assist you in determining the goal for each campaign to understand the reasoning behind the campaign, but also to be able to measure success much better. Campaigns can increase sales; obtain new clients and also assist in managing obsolete stock.

Social Media

Social media management is a specialized strategy to increase your sales efforts. We are able to assist you in managing all these platforms to benefit of your business.

Video Animations

If you want to be unique, we can help you with visual communication. We are able to create custom video animations that is able to correctly relay your product offering to your customer base.

Understanding your market.

It is essential to understand your customer base. You can click the button on your right to receive a free copy of a basic marketing strategy.